Willow Pointe homeowners association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, August 5, 2009





The Willow Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc., Board of Directors met for the monthly meeting of the Homeowners Association at the Willow Pointe Pool located at 9919 Willow Crossing, Houston, TX 77084 at 6:30 p.m. 


Board of Directors:

Present:                                                                                   Absent:                                               

Scott Ward, President                                                              

Brenda Jackson, Director at Large

Hollis Miles – Vice President

Judith Schwartz, Secretary-Treasurer

Greg Decker, Director at Large


Management Company:                                                          

Jane Godwin, Randall Management                              

Maria Maldonado, Property Manager 


Call to Order:

Scott Ward, President of the Willow Pointe Board of Directors, called the meeting to order at  

 6:30 p.m. 


Establish Quorum – Roll Call:

With a majority of the Board of Directors present, the quorum was established.  The Directors in attendance are listed above.


Adoption of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed, and a motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided to approve the agenda as amended. 


Open Forum:


Approval of the Minutes:  July 1, 2009  

The July 1, 2009 minutes were presented for review. A motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Hollis Miles, and it was unanimously decided to approve the minutes with minor changes.


Committee Reports:

Modification Committee – Hollis Miles updated the Board on the ACC application procedure. He explained that everything was running pretty smoothly.

Newsletter Committee – Judith Schwartz notified the Board that she was still waiting on the newsletter contents from each Board member.

Web Report – Judith Schwartz notified the Board that she would like to turn over the web to Hollis but could continue to provide information to Joel.

Courtesy Patrol & Crime Watch – Brenda Jackson notified the Board that she was working on developing the committee for Crime Watch.

Landscaping Committee – Scott Ward informed the Board of Directors that the landscape committee reported several lights that where not working. Scott also notified the Board that some of the common areas were not being properly irrigated.  He provided the Board with a map of the areas that were not being watered. A motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Hollis Miles, and it was unanimously decided to approve Brookway’s bid to repair the sprinklers for $586.82.   


Management Report:

Financial Report - Jane Godwin reviewed the financial statement for the month ending July 31, 2009 in great detail. The following are the account balance as of July 31, 2009.  The Prosperity checking account balance was $6078; the Prosperity Money Market was $15,000, the Bank of America – Temporary Transfer balance was $70,000. The administrative expense for the month was $2,585, Utilities were $4,331.52, Grounds Maintenance was $5,366.65, and Community Services were $2,583. The Total Expenses for the month of July was $22,666 and year-to-date the total expense for the Association are $165,976.

Legal Report – Jane Godwin presented the updated legal report from Casey Lambright’s Office.  Uncorrected deed violations that were already with the attorney were reviewed and discussed. The Board of Directors instructed RMI on how to proceed with those accounts.

Deed Restriction Report – The Board of Directors reviewed the deed restriction report. All accounts under Board Review were discussed.  Two accounts were placed on hold for 30 days until the collection matter could be resolved.


Unfinished Business:

Follow Up on the Gate at the Pool Parking Lot – The Board discussed the wording of the signage to be installed on the pool parking gate.  Signage will be finalized before the start of the 2010 Pool Season.

Follow Up on agreed decision of $30 late fee – The Board of Directors discussed the Association’s collection procedure. A motion was made by Hollis Miles, seconded by Brenda Jackson, and it was unanimously decided to amend the collection procedure to include a $30 collection fee per month beginning January 2010.  Jane informed the Board that Casey Lambright is in the process of amending the collection policy to include a $30 collection fee.  A draft of the amended policy should be ready for review at the August Board of Directors Meeting.  The new policy will need to be signed by the Board and filed with the County Court.  A copy of the policy will also be mailed with the 2010 statements.

Crime Event on N. Laurel Branch – Hollis notified the Board of Directors of an incident that occurred at Willow Pointe.  Police were called when a man walked into someone’s garage.  

Ten (10) day force mow policy – The Board of Directors discussed the force mow policy. The Board of Directors decided that to better improve the condition of the yards in the neighborhood, the ten (10) day time frame needs to be strictly implemented for force mowing. 


New Business:

Securing HOA owned property – The Board of Directors discussed the HOA owned property and ways to secure it.  The Association owned property will be inventoried and recorded.  The options for better securing the property will be reviewed at the next Board of Directors Meeting.

Cars parked on the streets – Hollis Miles asked the Board if there was something the HOA could do about the vehicles that park on a busy street like Trail Ridge or Pony Express.  The Board notified Hollis that the Association doesn’t have any jurisdiction on vehicles parking on the streets in the neighborhood.  Judith volunteered to contact the county and see if a speaker could address the Willow Pointe residents concerning parking issues in the neighborhood.

Liability Policy – The Board of Directors requested to copies of the liability insurance and D&O policy. 



With no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and it was unanimously decided to adjourn the meeting at 9:16 p.m. 



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