Willow Pointe homeowners association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, February 17, 2009








The Willow Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc., Board of Directors met for the monthly meeting of the Homeowners Association at the Willow Pointe Pool located at 9919 Willow Crossing, Houston, TX 77084 at 6:30 p.m. 


Board of Directors:

Present:                                                                                   Absent:                                               

Greg Decker, President                                                              

Judith Schwartz, Treasurer                                            

Scott Ward, Vice President


Management Company:                                                           

Jane Godwin, Randall Management                                Maria Maldonado, Property Manager 



Mario Antelo – 10346 North Laurel Branch – Home Improvement Application

Carolyn Brune – 9818 Willow Crossing – Home Improvement Application


Call to Order:

Greg Decker, President of the Willow Pointe Board of Directors called the meeting to order at   

6:50 p.m. 


Establish Quorum – Roll Call:

With a majority of the Board of Directors present, the quorum was established.  The Directors in attendance are listed above.


Adoption of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed, and a motion was made, seconded, and it was unanimously decided to approve the agenda as amended. 


Open Forum:

Mario Antelo received a letter from the Association stating that he was in violation of deed restrictions.  He discussed his home improvements and the Association restrictions.

Carolyn Brune discussed her roof and explained why an application for improvement was not submitted prior to replacing the roof.


Approval of the Minutes:  January 7, 2009    

The Board of Directors reviewed the January 7, 2009 minutes. A motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided to approve the minutes as presented.




Committee Reports:

Modification Committee – ACC Applications were reviewed and processed by the Board of Directors.  The Board requested that all ACC Applications for painting include a paint chip name and the chip number from the Willow Pointe approved color chart.      


Newsletter Committee – Judith Schwartz briefly discussed articles for the newsletter.  


Web Report – Items that will be posted on the website were discussed.


Courtesy Patrol & Crime Watch – Greg Decker reported that there were several problems since the last Board meeting.  There have been vehicular break-ins and one vehicle was placed on cider blocks and the car wheels were removed.  Greg agreed to talk to the officers and discuss ways that crime can be reduced at Willow Pointe.


Landscaping Committee – Scott Ward presented an update of the Landscape Committee’s activities.  Bids for various items were discussed. 


Management Report – Jane Godwin reviewed the financial statement for the month ending January 31, 2009, in great detail. The following are the account balance as of January 31, 2009.  The Prosperity checking account balance was $40,297; an operating transfer of $45,000 has been placed in the Prosperity Money Market account.  The operating transfer accounts are funds budgeted for 2009 operations which are placed in the money market accounts to earn interest until the funds are needed to operate the Association.  There is an additional operating transfer located in the Countrywide Money Market account in the amount of $50,000.  The reserves and savings total $221,353.45.  The administrative expense for the month was $2,308, Utilities were $5,019, Grounds Maintenance was 4,108, and Community Services were $2,583. The Total Expenses for the month of January were $19,023 and year-to-date the total expense for the Association are $273,939.


Legal Report – Jane Godwin presented the updated legal report from Casey Lambright’s Office.


Deed Restriction Report – The Board of Directors reviewed several deed violations which were listed on the Board Review report.  The statutory period for the violations did not expire until the end of February.  The Board reviewed the photos of the violations and voted to turn the violations over to the Association Attorney if the violations were not corrected by the expiration of the statutory period. 


Unfinished Business:


Deed Restriction Charges – The Board discussed specific charges and Jane informed the Board that she was investigating the matter.


Approved Color Chart – The Board discussed the color chart which displays the approved paint colors for homes at Willow Pointe.  After reviewing printing costs, a motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided to purchase additional handouts of the color chart from Sherwin Williams.


Finalize the 2009 Budget – Jane apologized for not bringing the revised 2009 Budget that was adopted at the January 7, 2009 meeting.  She said that she would email the budget to the Board.


Swim Team Request – The Board discussed the swim team using the pool for practice sessions.  After discussing the matter the Board decided that any additional cost associated with the practice sessions should be paid for by the swim team.


Solid Waste Contract – Judith presented Randall Management with the solid waste contract between the MUD and the trash company.  She requested that Randall Management keep the original on file and email a digital copy to the Board of Directors.


ARC Guidelines – The Board reviewed the ARC Guidelines.  A motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided to adopt the guidelines as presented.  Randall Management was instructed to mail the guidelines and the cover sheet to the homeowners of Willow Pointe.


Sweetwater Follow Up – The Board requested maintenance logs which showed the chemical readings and treatment notes from September, October, and November of 2008.  Jane reported that the records were requested on numerous occasions, but they have not been forwarded to Randall Management.  Judith volunteered to contact Nat to request the records.


New Business:


2009 Pool Season – The Board discussed the 2009 Pool Season and decided that the pool tag method implemented in 2008 was successful and should be duplicated in 2009.  Judith requested that Randall Management provide a cost for printing the 2009 pool cards.


Annual Meeting Notice - The Board discussed the Annual Meeting notice and decided to enclose the pool tags in the notice to minimize on postage.


Nominating Committee - Judith reported that nominating committee interviewed owners interested in serving on the Board.  After discussing the candidates and the nominating committee’s recommendations, a motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided to appoint Paul Morgan to the term that was vacated by Noah Herrera.


Materials for the New Board Members – The Board discussed preparing Board Meeting Books for the new Board Members.


Approval of Maintenance Costs and Reimbursement – Judith requested $125 reimbursement for the refrigerator that was purchased for the meeting room located at the pool.  She also requested approval have a handyman make some minor repairs around the pool.  A motion was made by Scott Ward, seconded by Judith Schwartz, and it was unanimously decided to approve the purchase of the refrigerator and to approve the repair of the items at the clubhouse and the pool area.



With no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and it was unanimously decided to adjourn the meeting at 10:02 p.m.






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