Willow Pointe homeowners association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, May 7, 2009





The Willow Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc., Board of Directors met for the monthly meeting of the Homeowners Association at the Willow Pointe Pool located at 9919 Willow Crossing, Houston, TX 77084 at 6:35 p.m. 


Board of Directors:

Present:                                                                                   Absent:                                               

Greg Decker, President                                                             Judith Schwartz, Treasurer

Scott Ward, Vice President

Paul Morgan, Director at Large

Hollis Miles – Director at Large


Management Company:                                                          

Jane Godwin, Randall Management                              

Maria Maldonado, Property Manager 


Call to Order:

Greg Decker, President of the Willow Pointe Board of Directors called the meeting to order at   

 6:35 p.m. 


Establish Quorum – Roll Call:

With a majority of the Board of Directors present, the quorum was established.  The Directors in attendance are listed above.


Adoption of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed, and a motion was made, seconded, and it was unanimously decided to approve the agenda as amended. 


Open Forum:

A homeowner attended the meeting to report that two of her neighbor installed lights on their homes that shines into her yard.  She explained that the excessive lighting was an invasion of her privacy and prevented her from enjoying her backyard.  She requested assistance from the Homeowners association to correct the problem.  The Board discussed the matter and told the owner that they would work with her and her neighbors to try to resolve the lighting issue.


Approval of the Minutes:  April 1, 2009    

The April 1, 2009 minutes were presented for review. A motion was made by Hollis Miles, seconded by Scott Ward and it was unanimously decided to approve the minutes as presented.


Committee Reports:

Modification Committee – ACC Applications were reviewed and processed by the Board of Directors. 

Newsletter Committee – Judith Schwartz was not present to give her report.

Web Report –Scott Ward notified the Board of Directors that he would like to post the By Laws and Articles on the website in a form of a PDF file.

Courtesy Patrol & Crime Watch – Greg Decker informed the Board and the management company about several incidents in the area.  

Landscaping Committee – Paul Morgan notified the Board of Directors that Landscape committee met in April.  Paul Morgan reported that some lantana was missing and needs to be replaced and that two trees where cut. Paul Morgan also reported that the benches needed to be refinished. 


Management Report:

Financial Report - Jane Godwin reviewed the financial statement for the month ending April 30, 2009, in great detail. The following are the account balance as of April 30, 2009.  The Prosperity checking account balance was $17,456.42; Prosperity M/M- Temporary Transfer $65,000; Countrywide – Temporary Transfer $70,000. The administrative expense for the month was $3,285, Utilities were $5,403, Grounds Maintenance was $6,340, and Community Services were $3,076. The Total Expenses for the month of April was $27,180 and year-to-date the total expense for the Association are $88,367.

Legal Report – Jane Godwin presented the updated legal report from Casey Lambright’s Office.

Deed Restriction Report – The Board of Directors reviewed several deed violations which were listed on the Board Review report.  The Board of Directors suggested that Lucy send letters to homes that have trees blocking the stop signs.


Unfinished Business:

Annual Meeting – Items to be distributed at the Willow Pointe Annual Meeting were discussed.

Pool Opening – The Board of Directors notified the management company that there will not be a pool opening party.

Personal Signs – The Board of Directors discussed the personal signs that are placed in the neighborhood to announce personal events or activities. The Board of Directors explained that personal signs are not allowed in the common areas or on private property and they decided that an article should be published in the newsletter informing the residents.

Problematic Residences – The Board of Directors briefly discussed the problematic residences in the neighborhood.

Tree Variances - The Board of Directors discussed the list of addresses in a cul-de-sac that are too small to have two trees in front of their yards.  Jane Godwin informed the Board of Directors that Randall Management had already mailed certified letters to the owners that did not have two trees in front of their homes. The Board of Directors requested that Randall Management place all tree violations in pending until the matter can be addressed.


New Business:

Standard Reply to the Association’s email address – The Board of Directors discussed setting up a reply email for wphoa. 

Force Mow – The Board of Directors discussed the Force Mow procedures and ways to improve the process.

Request for Reimbursement – A motion was made by Scott Ward, seconded by Hollis Miles, and it was unanimously approved to reimburse Judith Schwartz $131.98 for labor and supplies related to re-keying and repairing the doors at the pool. A motion was made by Scott Ward seconded by Greg Decker, and it was unanimously approved to reimburse Judith Schwartz $419.78 for pool supplies, office supplies, and labor reimbursement.



With no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and it was unanimously decided to adjourn the meeting at 9:16 p.m.



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