Willow Pointe homeowners association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, October 1, 2008





The Willow Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc., Board of Directors met for the monthly meeting of the Homeowners Association at the Willow Pointe Pool located at 9919 Willow Crossing, Houston, TX 77084 at 6:30 p.m. 


Board of Directors:

Present:                                                                                   Absent:                                               

Greg Decker, President                                                             Noah Herrera, Director at Large

Scott Ward, Vice President

Judith Schwartz, Treasurer


Management Company:

Maria Maldonado, Property Manager  

Jane Godwin, Randall Management


Call to Order:

Judith Schwartz, Vice President of the Willow Pointe Board of Directors called the meeting to order at   

7:10 p.m. 


Establish Quorum – Roll Call:

With a majority of the Board of Directors present, the quorum was established.  The Directors in attendance are listed above.


Adoption of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed, and a motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided to approve the agenda as presented. 


Open Forum:

Jennifer Goodrum – 10302 S. Laurel Branch

The Board of Directors requested that Jennifer Goodrum attend the meeting to discuss her fence which has not been approved by the Modification Committee.  There were issues with the height, gate, and the construction of fence.


Ray Musarra – 10423 Trail Ridge

Ray attended the meeting to notify the Board of Directors that he wanted to replace his fence and roof. The Board of Directors notified Mr. Musarra that a sample of the shingle was required in order to approve the roof application.  Mr. Musarra agreed to submit a sample before starting the construction of his roof.


Approval of the Minutes:  September 3, 2008    

The Board of Directors reviewed the September 3, 2008 minutes. A motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided to make minor corrections to the minutes. 


Committee Reports:

Modification Committee – The Board of Directors reviewed and approved several ACC applications for roof and fence replacements.  Due to the volume of repairs from Hurricane Ike, Judith Schwartz informed RMI that she was assisting homeowners to expedite the modification process.  Maria Maldonado also presented Tree Variance Request to the Board.  After review and discussion, the Tree Variance Request was tabled.


Newsletter Committee – Judith Schwartz briefly notified the Board of Directors that she will need articles for the newsletter by the end of the week.  She suggested Greg Decker, President of the Board to write an article so that it can be posted on the newsletter.  Judith presented letters of appreciation from Club Scouts for allowing the troop to utilize their pool room. Greg Decker suggested that the letters be posted on the newsletter. 


Web Report – Judith Schwartz notified the Board of Directors that Joel Rubert wasn’t able to work on the web in September because he didn’t have power in his home. 


Courtesy Patrol & Crime Watch – Noah Herrera was not present for the Courtesy Patrol & Crime Watch.


Landscaping Committee – Scott Ward notified the Board of Directors that the Landscape Committee didn’t meet in September since Paul was out of town.


Management Report – Jane Godwin reviewed the Financials for the month ending September 30, 2008 in great detail. The following are the account balance as of September 30, 2008.  The Prosperity checking account balance was $5,614.33, Countrywide Temp Transfer $30,000, Prosperity Money Market was $29,203, Smith Barney reserve account was $80,205, and Countrywide Money Market account was $49,267.  The administrative expenses for the month were $2,382, Utilities were $6,264 Grounds Maintenance was $3,860, and Community Services were $2,522. The Total Expenses for the month of September were $20,126 and year-to-date the total expense for the Association are $216,769. 


Legal Report – Jane Godwin presented the updated legal report from Casey Lambright’s Office.  Items in collection and deed violations were discussed.  Pictures were presented of all the legal accounts.  The Board of Directors requested that the attorney proceed with legal action on the items that were not corrected. 


Treasurer’s Report – Judith explained that she had spoken with the Head of Accounting for Randall Management.  She explained that she was confident in the way that the financial records were being maintained by Randall Management.  Carolina Leyva had taken the time to answer all of her questions and she recommended that the Assessment rate for 2009 be set at the same rate as 2008.  After a brief discussion, a motion was made by Judith Schwartz, seconded by Scott Ward, and it was unanimously decided set the 2009 assessment fees at the same rate as 2008.


Deed Restriction Report – The Board of Directors requested that the deed inspections should resume after November 1, 2008. 


Unfinished Business:

Pool Bids – Judith Schwartz provided a chart with three bids for the pool lifeguards and maintenance. Greater Houston Pool Management bid was $30,382; Houston Recreation Mgmt $29,308.88; Southwest Pool Mgmt $28,574.56.  A motion was made by Greg Decker, seconded by Judith Schwartz, and it was unanimously decided to award Greater Houston with the 2009 Pool Contract.  Judith requested that Randall Management send a letter of appreciation to the other bidders and thank them for taking the time to submit a bid for the Willow Pointe Pool contract. 


Update on filing status of amendment changes – The Board agreed to finalize the modification guidelines and have them immediately filed with the Harris County.  A copy of the guidelines will be mailed with the 2009 Assessment statement. 


Trespass Affidavit – Judith Schwartz informed the Board of Directors that the trespass affidavit has not been finalized for the common area.


Modifications to the State Pool Code – Judith Schwartz discussed the new pool codes being implemented by the state.  The Virginia Graeme Baker Act was distributed and reviewed.  Judith explained that the Association will have to be in compliance with this act and requested that the budget include funds for the expense.



With no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and it was unanimously decided to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m.





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