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Revised November 2008



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Although every effort has been made to ensure completeness of this document as recorded, errors and discrepancies may exist.  In the event of such, each matter will be reviewed by the ARC on an individual case by case basis.





SUBJECT                   SECTION                                                       PAGE


Antennas                               15.0                                                                                        8                             

Awnings                                 22.0                                                                                        9             

Basketball Goals                                 2.0                                                                                          4             

Burglar Bars                         16.0                                                                                        8

Canvas Awnings                  22.0                                                                                        8

Carports                                25.0                                                                                        9

Climbing Structures             23.0                                                                                        9

Clothes Lines                        26.0                                                                                        9 

Decks                                     7.0                                                                                          6

Decorations                          12.0                                                                                        7

Detached Garages               20.0                                                                                        9

Driveway/Extensions          19.0                                                                                        8

Exterior Lighting 13.0                                                                                        8

Exterior Painting                  5.0                                                                                          5

Fences                                    11.0                                                                                        7

Fence Extensions                 11.0                                                                                        7

Forts                                       23.0                                                                                        9

Garage Conversions            20.0                                                                                        9

Gazebos                                1.0                                                                                          3

Jungle Gyms                         23.0                                                                                        9

Landscaping                         17.0                                                                                        8

Mailboxes                             14.0                                                                                        8

Outbuildings                         1.0                                                                                          4

Patio Covers                         3.0                                                                                          4

Playhouses                            23.0                                                                                        9

Pool Enclosures                    8.0                                                                                          6             

Procedures                                                                                                                            3

Roofs                                     24.0                                                                                       9

Room Additions                 4.0                                                                                          5

Satellite Dishes                    10.0                                                                                        6

Screen Doors                       6.0                                                                                          6

Screens                                  9.0                                                                                          6

Security Lighting 13.0                                                                                        7

Sidewalks                             19.0                                                                                        8

Solar Film                              9.0                                                                                         6

Solar Panels                          9.0                                                                                         6

Solar Screens                        9.0                                                                                          6

Spas                                      8.0                                                                                          6

Storage Buildings                 1.0                                                                                          3

Storm Windows                   6.0                                                                                          6

Storm Doors                         6.0                                                                                          6

Swimming Pools                  8.0                                                                                          6

Swing Sets                             18.0                                                                                        8

Window ACs                        21.0                                                                                        9

Window Film                        9.0                                                                                          6

Window Shades                   22.0                                                                                        9 





The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) otherwise known as the Modifications Committee was established to enhance property values by requiring conformity to certain standards of construction, visual appeal, uniformity and design. The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions provide that “No Living Unit or other improvements (including, without limitation, garages, swimming pools, streets, driveways, sidewalks, drainage facilities, landscaping, fences, walks, fountains, statuary and flagpoles, but excluding improvements interior to a Living Unit) shall be constructed nor shall any such Living Unit or other improvements be modified or altered, without the prior written approval of the Modifications Committee…” It is the general purpose of the ARC to approve or disapprove applications made to it for proposed alterations, additions or changes to be made to the exterior of the house and/or lot itself.  Such review by the ARC shall or may include, without limitation: general aesthetic character of improvements to be constructed; placement,  orientation and location of improvements on a lot; landscaping species, location and arrangement; architectural style; elevations; grading plan; color, quality, style and composition of exterior materials, including (without limitation) roofs, walls, patios, sidewalks and driveways; location, style, composition and extent of fencing; roof line and orientation; and appropriateness of permitting any proposed structures or improvements other than a Living Unit and garage, such as fountains, flagpoles, statuary, outdoor lighting, or others. The ARC is not obligated under any circumstances to approve any such other improvements if they reasonably determine that same would detract from the overall aesthetic quality of the area.



An "Architectural Review Form", must be completed in its entirety and mailed to the address indicated at the bottom of the form.  These forms are available from your management company and can be downloaded from our website All pertinent information such as a site plan, specifications, building permits, locations indicated on a copy of the survey, drawings and details of all exterior surfaces, including the roof, all elevations, and including the color, quality and type of exterior construction materials with samples should be included with the application.  The ARC cannot respond to verbal requests for approval.  All applications must be made in writing. The ARC has thirty days from the date of receipt of an application in which to respond. If additional information is required by the ARC, the application process will be extended accordingly. Plans for the implementation of the proposed improvement(s) should allow for the time required to complete the approval process.

If an application is not approved, the ARC will state in their letter why such approval was denied and what type of application changes, if any, would alter that decision. If an applicant wishes to discuss or appeal a decision made by the ARC, the applicant should contact the management company to request a meeting with the ARC.



The following are guidelines adopted by the ARC to specify their standards, requirements and thought processes used in evaluating an application. These guidelines will be amended from time to time as the circumstances, conditions or opinions of the ARC dictate. It should be noted that each application is considered on its own merit and that the ARC may grant a variance from these guidelines and/or from certain provisions of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

It should also be noted that ARC approval is required prior to the installation or construction of the improvement or change. If an improvement is made without ARC approval, the Board of Directors has the legal right to enforce its removal. Because guidelines may change from time to time, it is highly recommended that the homeowner request a copy of the latest edition from Randall Management Company or the ARC before beginning improvements.



1.0 Outbuildings

1.1 An "outbuilding" is defined as any structure which is not attached to the main structure. This definition does not include bona fide additions to the main residence or garages, but does include storage sheds, gazebos, and playhouse/forts.

1.2 The ARC will consider the following:

a. The colors should match/blend with the predominant exterior colors of the main residence.

b. Materials should match those of the main residence in both size and color; however, the ARC will approve small prefabricated metal storage buildings providing the color blends with the main residence.

c. It should have a peaked roof, no higher than ten (10) feet from grade to the highest point, and a maximum of 144 Sq. Ft. floor space. In no case shall building placement from any side fence be less than three (3) feet, must be kept a minimum of three (3) feet off rear property line and distance from side fence will be determined based on visibility from the street in front of the lot regardless of visibility. Location must also be far enough away from fence to allow for drainage to occur entirely on the owner's lot.

d. Storage building placed on a concrete slab on top of a utility easement will require letters of Consent to Encroach as it will not be considered portable. If a storage building is not on the utility easement, but on a slab, and can be moved, the ARC will consider it as portable.

e. No storage building can be built up against any side or rear wall of home unless its maximum height is less than six (6) feet and it is not visible above the fence. It must also comply with all the other requirements for proper construction, size and location.

f. If storage building is less than six (6) feet, it may be placed in side yard provided three (3) foot minimum is observed.

g. Playhouse/fort must be no higher than twelve (12) foot maximum from grade. If fort has a platform, then platform can be no higher than four (4) feet off ground and centered in back yard to protect neighbor's privacy.

1.3 No more than one storage building will be permitted per lot.


2.0. Basketball Goals 

2.1 The basketball goal backboard, net and post must be maintained in excellent condition at all times.

2.2 If the backboard is mounted onto the roof by use of a small, triangular mounting structure, the mounting structure must be painted to match the shingle color.

2.3 Rims must be ten (10) feet in height.

2.4 Backboard must be regulation size and color.

2.5 Must be mounted on garage or stored on the side of the house out of street view when not in use.

2.6 If any complaints are received within six (6) months after installation, the basketball goal will be subject to immediate removal at the request of the ARC.


3.0 Patio covers

3.1 Should be constructed of materials which compliment the main structure.

3.2 Prefab covers made of aluminum may be approved providing they are of an earth tone color -unfinished aluminum will not receive ARC approval. All metal must be painted and - certain structures using fiberglass roofing and wood frame may be allowed to go unpainted - provided treated wood is used.



3.3 If attached to house, must be integrated into existing roof line (flush with eaves), and if it is to be shingled, shingles must match roof. Entire patio cover and posts should be trimmed out to match house. Supports must be painted wooden or metal columns. No pipe is allowed.

3.4 At no time, however, shall a shingled roof be allowed with an unpainted frame. Frame will have to be painted to match trim of house whether treated or untreated wood is used.

3.5 Patio construction materials are as follows: -

a. Painted aluminum {to match trim of house)

b. Painted wood (to match trim of house)

c. Natural pressure treated woods such as cedar, fir, redwood, may be used. Treated pine must be painted or stained.

d. Fiberglass is acceptable and earth tone colors such as tan, brown, beige and clear may be used. No green or yellow is allowed. Edges of fiberglass must not be visible from surrounding properties or from the street.

e. If canvas is used as roofing material on a patio cover, it must be an earth tone color and the structure must be located where it is not visible from the street. Also, the canvas must be kept in quality condition or its removal will be requested by the HOA. No blues or greens allowed for residential use. Commercial use allows the use of green.

General Note: All patio cover material, i.e.; fiberglass, corrugated aluminum, metal, wood, lattice, must be completely framed in so that no raw edges of material are visible.

3.6 Patio covers may not encroach into any utility easement unless the utility companies, involved have granted their written consent to such encroachment.

3.7 Patio covers must be situated on the lot to provide drainage solely into the owner's lot.  If a proposed patio cover location is less than five (5) feet away from a side lot line, the

ARC will require that it be guttered with down spouts if it is to be a solid cover.


4.0 Room Additions

4.1 Exterior materials and colors should match the house as much as possible.

4.2 Detailed plans must be submitted to the ARC.

4.3 Room additions may not encroach into any utility easement unless the utility companies involved have granted their written consent to such encroachment.

4.4 On individual basis. Size and shape will depend on architectural style and layout of [home, size of lot, and how well room addition integrates with existing home. Addition of a storage area will not qualify as a bona fide room addition and will not be permitted. Plans for room addition must show a room of reasonable size to constitute a legitimate request for

[a room addition. Roof of addition must integrate with existing roof line as to appear to have been part of the original home. Room additions cannot exceed one-third of the remaining back yard, but may be denied for other reasons, i.e.; structural integrity, architectural suitability, etc., even if it does only use one-third (1/3) of the remaining yard.

4.5 Building permits as required by the municipality (city, county, etc.) must be submitted with the "Architectural Review" form. In some instances, the ARC will grant approval with the provision that a copy of the permit must be received by the ARC within thirty (30) days of the approval letter.




5.0 Exterior Painting

5.1 Earth tone colors were most often used when homes were constructed.  Twenty earth tone colors have been approved for use when repainting.  The color selection can be obtained by request from the ARC or Randall Management Company.   In general, an earth tone color should receive ARC approval. Other earth tone blend colors will be

considered. The color of neighboring homes will be taken into consideration along with the applicant's house brick features.


6.0 Storm Windows and Storm/Screen Doors

6.1 Providing the frames of these are of a color compatible with the exterior house colors, storm windows and storm or screen doors should receive ARC approval.


7.0 Decks

7.1 Decks may not encroach into any utility easement unless the utility companies involved have granted their written consent to such encroachment.

7.2 Decks should not be situated on the lot so that they may pose a problem to the effective drainage of the lot or neighboring lot.

7.3 Decks cannot be higher than eighteen (18) inches.

7.4 Paint should match the house.

7.5 Decks should be situated inside fence in the back yard and not visible from the street.


8.0 Swimming Pools and Spas

8.1 No pool or spa of any type may encroach into any utility easement unless the utility companies involved have granted their written consent to such encroachment. Decking also requires consent agreement. Consents must be received prior to approval. NOTE: HL&P currently charges $125.00 for this consent letter.

8.2 Ideally, any pool or spa should be located at least five (5) feet from a side and rear lot line to maintain proper drainage on lot. However, a minimum of three (3) feet will be allowed in certain instances.

8.3 Above ground pools will receive special consideration. Above ground pool is acceptable provided it is not over four (4) foot in height. Decking around pool cannot be over eighteen (18) inches above ground so to ensure privacy of neighbors. If there is a walkway around the pool, it cannot be wider than two (2) feet or higher than the wall of the pool. Railings for walkway cannot be visible above the six (6) foot fence. It must also be three (3) to five (5) feet from the side and rear fences.

8.4 Pool enclosures will be reviewed on an individual basis and height should not exceed twelve (12) feet. Committee finds screened enclosure acceptable provided adequate tree planting is installed as per ARC recommendations for screening.


9.0 Solar Panels

9.1 The ARC will approve solar panels which are unobtrusive and which blend in with the roof shingle color.

9.2 Parabolic solar collectors which are not mounted so as to be flush with the roof will not be approved.

9.3 Solar panel frames should be bronze or black in color in order to best blend in with the shingles. All unfinished aluminum must be painted the color of the shingles.

9.4 No solar panel should be mounted so that it extends above the roof line.

9.5 The ARC would prefer to have solar panels mounted on the front roof of a house rather than mounted on stands to the side or back roof.

9.6 Solar screens allowed on windows.

9.7 Colors and manufacturers must be acceptable to ARC for both screens and panels.


9.8 Solar film must be non-reflective type.

9.9 No aluminum foil, reflective film, paper, or similar treatment shall be permitted.


10.0 Satellite Dishes

10.1 Approval of Satellite Dishes will be considered in accordance with strict compliance to FCC Regulations.

10.2 Height of any satellite dish over 18” in diameter should be limited to 10 feet. If below                    six (6) feet and not visible above the fence, no screening is required. 

10.3 Must be screened from street view - defined as any street. Screening must be of sufficient height to screen the dish.

10.4 A wooden or lattice screen will be used as screening. Edges of lattice walls must be framed in so that they are not exposed. Structure must be freestanding and cannot be joined to a side or rear fence.

10.5 Satellite dishes larger than 18” must be placed in rear/back side of house and not visible from street and screen should 8 be at least five (5) feet from side and at least eight (8) feet from back fence but not on utility easement without a consent to encroach letter.


11.0 Fence and Fence Extensions

11.1 All fences should be six feet (6’) in height OR six feet (6’) six inches (6) from grade if a rot board is installed.  Fences higher than six feet (6’) will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

11.2 All fences must be constructed of wood pickets – treated pine, cedar, or redwood.

11.3 No painting, staining, or varnishing of fence.

11.4 No chain link fencing will be permitted on any lot, unless specifically approved by the ARC.

11.5 Fence extension requests should be submitted by both neighbors sharing the side lot line and fence, except in the case of a corner lot.

11.6 No fence may extend so as to encroach across the front building line.

11.7 If both neighbors do not concur as to a proposed fence extension, the ARC will examine the effect the fence extension will have on both properties. If one party will suffer detrimentally from the extension (i.e.; will totally enclose a bay window) the ARC will reject the application.

11.8 Only fence extensions which will be installed picket side out shall be considered by the ARC.

11.9 Replacement or repairs of fence must be made with similar materials and construction details as used in original fence.

11.10 A length of board that runs horizontally to the ground and is conventionally installed along the bottom of the fence line is allowed. The board is commonly referred to as "rot board" and must follow these conditions to be considered for approval.

a. The board(s)'s width must not have a greater effect on the overall height of the fence than the maximum allowed.

b. The board(s) may not be wider than eight (8) inches.

c. Fence materials used should be either one-by-four (1x4) or one-by-six (1x6) material, similar to other building material used.


12.0 Decorations

12.1 On front lawns of lots and on any portion of a lot visible from any street, there shall be no decorative appurtenances placed, such as sculptures, birdbaths, birdhouses, fountains, or other decorative embellishments unless such specific items have been approved in writing

by the ARC.

12.2 Benches, burglar bars and gates will be reviewed on an individual basis.



12.3 House numbers may be placed on house, but not on any type of freestanding structure in front yard.


13.0 Exterior Lighting

13.1 Additional exterior lighting should not be of a wattage or lumen count which will affect neighboring homes.

13.2 Directional lights or floodlights must be aimed so as not to shine in the windows of neighboring homes.

13.3 Low voltage landscape lighting should receive ARC approval.

13.4 Security, mercury vapor, or fluorescent lights, must be attached to the front of the house, preferably garage. Mercury vapor, fluorescent, and sodium halite are not permitted in back or side yard.

13.5 Yard lights may be gas or electric. Single lamp only. Maximum height six (6) feet. May be in front or back. Gas or electric lights must be black, brown or white, depending on color of house and determination of suitable color will be the decision of the ARC.


14.0 Mailboxes

14.1 This subdivision uses communal mailboxes and applications for the installation of individual mailboxes will be disapproved.


15.0 Antennas

15.1 Mounted to the back side of the house, not to exceed 10’ from top of ridge roof line.

15.2 No ham radio antennas will be allowed.

15.3 Other types of antennas may be considered on a case by case basis.


16.0 Burglar Bars

16.1 Will be considered on a case by case basis.

16.2 Acceptable provided in harmony with house.

16.3 Painted to match exterior trim


17.0 Landscaping

17.1 Timbers, bricks, stones, (use native Texas stone); flower bed borders, landscape lights, trellises and sprinklers are acceptable.

17.2 As a minimum, each Lot shall be sodded in the front with grass and no more than ten percent (10%) in area of the front yard area of any Lot, excluding driveways and sidewalks, may be covered by rock or any other material other than vegetation.

17.4 Must compliment style and architecture of home and conform to color scheme of immediate neighborhood.

17.5 The requirement for a minimum of two (2) threes each on a front lot is modified to one (1) three for each contagious seven hundred-fifty (750) square feet of front yard.  This does not include the curb area that should be maintained based on the developers planting.  Trees shall be a minimum of 2 inch caliper.


18.0 Swing Sets

18.1 Maximum height of eight (8) feet.

18.2 Location must be in back yard and will be considered for neighbor’s privacy.


19.0 Driveway Repairs/Extensions/Sidewalks

19.1 No driveway extensions will be considered.

19.2 No painting or coating of any kind will be allowed on driveways.



19.3 Replacement of existing driveway because of deterioration, etc. will be considered on case by case basis.  All materials used for driveway replacement must be of similar or greater quality than original construction.

19.4 All sidewalks in the side yard must be no greater than thirty-six (36) inches wide and centered between house and property line. Thirty (30) inches is the recommended width for the standard five (5) foot side yard.



20.0 Garage Conversions/Detached Garages

20.1 Conversions are permitted on a case by case basis provided there are no exterior changes to garage. The garage door must remain intact.

20.2 Detached garage/carports are permitted on a very limited basis and can only be used to store additional vehicles.

20.3 Detached garages not permitted on standard size lot.


21.0 Window Air Conditioners

21.1 No window or wall type air conditioners are permitted to be used on any part of the Property.


22.0 Window Shades/Awnings

22.1 Will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

22.2 If allowed, they must be earth tone colors, no blues, greens, etc. and must be kept in excellent condition at all times or will be subject to immediate removal upon notification by the HOA of their unacceptable condition.

22.3 Canvas covers/awnings may be allowed for use on playhouse/fort structures only.

22.4 Metal and wooden slat-type shades may be allowed by the ARC if they are deemed necessary in reduction of solar exposure and installation on appropriate windows will be determined by the ARC. At no time, however, will they be allowed on windows on the fronts of the homes.


23.0 Playhouses, Forts, Jungle Gyms and Climbing Structures

23.1 Structures (playhouses, forts, jungle gyms and climbing structures), may not be located nearer than ten (10) feet to any property line or fences and may not be more than twelve (12) feet in height from grade.

23.2 Walking decks on such structures may not exceed five (5) feet maximum height. Such structures may only be located in back yards.


24.0 Roofs

24.1 All shingle replacement material must be approved in advance.   

24.2 All shingles must be made of composition material. Absolutely no wooden shingles will be allowed. Absolutely, no metal roofing material, of any kind, will be allowed. Absolutely no rolled roofing materials will be allowed/considered.

24.3 All shingles must either match or complement the exterior color scheme of the main structure (house).

24.4 When repairing or replacing only a portion of the existing roofing, all replacement

Shingles must closely match remaining existing roofing as to color and type.

24.5 Colors will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; however, generally only brown/earth tones will be considered such as GAF weathered wood or antique slate. Absolutely no white or colored (i.e. red, green, blue/black) shingles will be considered.




25.0 Carports

25.1 Carports are not allowed except that porte cochere type structures that are attached and architecturally integrated into a Living Unit are allowed.


26.0 Clothes Lines

26.1 Clotheslines are not permissible within the boundaries of the Property except in an enclosed structure so as not to be visible to the public view.