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· Newsletter/Website - How do you design our website, what does it take to get an article in the newsletter. Find out, join this committee. Even if you know nothing about computers or newsletters, this is an avenue to learn.

· Landscape- Willow Pointe's most active committee. This committee does more than plant flowers. Come and learn more and meet your neighbors.

· Modification (ACC) - Review the changes in your community before they happen. Be a part of a team that will determine what is best in an architectural manner for our neighborhood.

· Safety - Learn about aspects of safety and community awareness on this community. this committee will head up the neighborhood watch program, and works closely with the sherrifs department. If you wish to learn more about security, and safety, contact the committee chair.

· Nominating - This committee is formed when we have openings on the board. They interview possible candidates and make recommendations to the current board. The board values their opinion, because it the opinion of you, our neighbors.

New membership is always welcome. Please Email: WPHOA.Board@willowpointe.org
if you have questions or interest in participating.


 If you are new to the neighborhood and need assistance or have questions please do not hesitate to contact the Board @ wphoa.board@willowpointe.org  or contact our management company at 713-728-1126.

Suggestions for improving the website or adding content can be sent to the Board e-mail address listed above.

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