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Architectural Control committee

Committee Director: Greg Decker


The HOA is responsible for ensuring that all architectural changes done to any residence is in accordance with the established guidelines. The general purpose of the Modification Committee is to approve or disapprove applications which have been submitted for proposed alterations, additions or changes to the exterior of a house /or lot itself. Such review by the MC (modification committee) shall or may include, without limitation: general aesthetic character of improvement to be constructed; placement, orientation and location of improvement on a lot; landscaping species, location and arrangement; architectural style; elevations; grading plan; color, quality, style and composition of exterior materials including (without limitation) roofs, walls, patios, sidewalks and driveways; location, style, composition and extent of fencing; roof line and orientation; and appropriateness of permitting any proposed structures or improvements other than a Living Unit and garage, such as fountains, flagpoles, statuary, outdoor lighting, or others.


Review all applications for improvement/change and make recommendations for approval/denial to the board.
Recommend amendments to the guidelines as deemed appropriate.

Committee Membership:

Guideline for the Modification Committee & Board for Granting a

Single Tree Variance

              The Willow Pointe covenant states in Article 10 Section 22 – “Each front yard shall have a minimum of two (2) trees of as least a 2 inch trunk caliber”. 

Front lot sizes vary across the community and as a result adequate space to accommodate two trees per front lot is problematic.  A lot should be large enough to accommodate the spreading canopy, in the case of the oak, which typically spreads twice it’s height as the tree matures.  Both pines and oaks grow rapidly when young and unless aggressively trimmed, poor lawn performance will result.

The Board of Directors has developed the following guideline to assist the Modifications Committee in their future as variances are considered.

The requirement for a minimum of two (2) trees each on a front lot is modified to one (1) for each contiguous seven hundred-fifty (750) square feet of front yard.  This does not include the curb area.  The curb area should be maintained according to the original developers plan.  A tree shall be a minimum of 2 inch caliper.

If you currently do NOT have two trees in your front lot due to lot size and believe you meet the above criteria we asked that you complete the request form found on our website (www.willowpointe.org) and submit it to Randall Management @ 9000 West Belfort Suite 311  Houston, Texas 77031. 

Failure to formally request the variance will result in a deed restriction violation.

Any front lot without a single tree will receive a deed restriction violation.  Curb side trees are to be maintained by the homeowner including pruning, watering or tree replacement if necessary. 


 If you are new to the neighborhood and need assistance or have questions please do not hesitate to contact the Board (wphoa.board@willowpointe.org) or contact our management company at 713-728-1126.

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