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Breaking News: Updated 08/22/08

Safety Committee

Committee Director: Noah Herrera


Coordinates and monitors security activities with the Sheriff’s Department and other Homeowners/Maintenance Associations. Through specific activities promotes home and personal safety. Sponsor programs focused on personal and property safety.


In collaboration with the contracted law enforcement agency, monitor and report security risks/events to the Board and the greater community. Make recommendations for enhancement/changes to existing traffic signs to the Board and or appropriate agency. TBD – Develop communication plan for the community as it relates to the reduction in speed initiative. Make recommendations for enhancement/changes to existing street lights. Meet with homeowners to assess issues relating to safety & security.

Committee Membership:

 If you are new to the neighborhood and need assistance or have questions please do not hesitate to contact the Board (wphoa.board@willowpointe.org) or contact our management company at 713-728-1126.

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