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Willow Pointe Home Owners News

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Willow Pointe Special Meeting Overview

May, 2008

The Amendment to the Covenant to change the height of play structures and sheds passed!  This means you may now a have a shed up to 10 feet from grade and a play structure up to 12 feet from grade.

Here are the specifics on how to proceed

    1. if you have an unapproved shed, you MUST submit another ACC.  Once reviewed, your shed/play structure will officially be legal.
    2. if you are planning to add a shed or play structure, you must complete an ACC giving the dimensions of the structure ) length, width, height (FROM GRADE) and a diagram showing where it will be placed on your property.  Please attach a brochure describing the structure including color/type of material.  If roofing is involved, you must send a sample of the proposed roofing.

If you have questions, please contact RMI (713-728-1126) or the Board via www.willowpointe.org.

Email: WPHOA.Board@willowpointe.org

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